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Perfectly functioning desk sharing for the work world’s new normal, easier than ever before: makes it easy for you to get the best from your space capacity. Our highly flexible cloud solution for desk sharing provides a user friendly and intuitive interface. With visual room plan and the features that you and your team really need in your daily desk sharing routine. Thanks to, you can save plenty of organisational effort – and easily create space for you, me and everyone.

6 key features at a glance

More Flexibility

Self service allows employees to organise themselves: quick, simple, effective.

Room Plans

Visualise your seating choice using room plans and text. Find a free place in the office quickly and easily.

SSO (Single Sign On)

Our tool offers a connection via Google Single Sign On or Microsoft Azure.

Search Function

The “Who is in the office” function allows you to search for colleagues and display them in the map view.

User Experience

Easy to use without the need for training: is designed to be so intuitive and simple that it can be used immediately.

Workspace Features

You have the possibility to enter information about the equipment or features of individual places in a free text field.

Employee satisfaction and flexibility

With you create the flexibility your employees want: The ability to easily switch between working from home and in the office.

No problem thanks to online workspace booking with

Fit for the working world of tomorrow

Working from home or in the office? The choice of where to work will be more and more flexible in the future. Managing space is becoming a challenge for many companies. In the future, actual space requirements and concrete usage behaviour will form the basis for strategic decisions on the design of office space.

By using, you receive a sound database that you can evaluate to make better decisions and permanently monitor their effects.

Security and documentation requirements helps you to ensure compliance with the Corona distancing rules and to give your employees the opportunity to work safely in the office!

The administrators can readily export the data regarding workplace occupancy to simplify documentation.

Over 900 companies use

From individual pilot phases to company-wide rollout. With, a large number of companies are already making the transition to desk sharing and are flexibly managing their workplaces. The results speak for and this is also confirmed by our contact persons.

Why choose

Very intuitive to use on all devices is very easy to operate and can be used immediately without the need for training. Anytime and on any device.

Data protection made in Germany

The security of your data is very important to us: is hosted on German servers and fulfills all European data protection requirements.

Over 23 years of experience in the creation of web software

You can rely on We ensure this through our many years of experience and expertise in software development and through our dedicated team.

Implementable for companies of any size

As a flexible platform solution, is easily scalable and can be used by companies of any size.

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