All Functions

More Flexibility

Self service allows employees to organise themselves: quickly, simply, effectively and from anywhere.

Room Plans

Visualise your seating choice using room plans and text. Find a free place in the office quickly and easily.

SSO (Single Sign On)

We offer a connection to Google and Microsoft Azure/Office 365 to make login as easy as possible.

Search Function

The “Who is in the office” function allows you to search for colleagues and display them in the map view.

User Experience

Easy to use without the need for training: is designed to be so intuitive and simple that it can be used immediately and it’s fun too.

Workspace Features

You have the possibility to enter information about the equipment or features of individual places. This facilitates the booking process for users.

Microsoft 365 / Outlook Integration

Your bookings are automatically transferred to your calendar. So you’ll always have everything under control.

Seating Features

Features can be assigned to workspaces. These help when searching for a space if your office is divided into different zones, for example.


Coming soon: can be configured in such a way that users have to confirm their presence via check-in in order to confirm they are actually present or the space is automatically available for other colleagues.

On the go or on the sofa was specially developed for mobile devices and can easily be used on a smartphone.

Favourite Seats

As a user you have the option to choose your favourite seats. This makes the booking process even easier and faster.

Office Space Utilisation Analysis

As a manager, you can view office space utilisation rates and easily identify surplus capacity and bottlenecks. Extensive reports also enable you to carry out a detailed analysis.

White Label

Turn into your booking platform: With our white label function, you can add your company logo, use your own domain and adapt the layout to fit your corporate identity. Your colleagues will immediately feel at home.

Approval Function for Colleagues

Via an approval function, users can authorise their colleagues to make bookings for them. This can be used by assistants or team leaders, for example.

Simple Setup

You can set up for your company yourself and in only a few simple steps. Of course, we’ll still be happy to support you.

Contact Tracing

The managers can readily export the data regarding workplace occupancy in several formats to simplify documentation.

Live Chat

We are available for queries via our chat and are happy to help with any problems.


There are various options for anonymising the use to ensure that the behaviour of individual employees is not visible to others.